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Using models that can do it all, or you can take control, we provide the tools for you to produce your best images! Walsall, West Mids. Scroll down ......


We use only the best models!

Our models can do all the posing, or you can take control! Art Nude, Boudoir, Fashion etc.

Mick Payton Photography Studios – Walsall, West Midlands

Our aim is to provide the means for you to get your best images ever! Timed one2one’s with top models, facilities, lighting equipment, locations & assistance! PLUS : free lunch on portfolio builders and workshops!


Who am I? A lot of new subscribers to Mick Payton Studios portfolio builders and workshops are not aware of how long I’ve been a photographer, or anything about me really! So, click this link to see a gallery (other galleries too) with a quick review of some of my images to enable you to determine what we have to offer you here at the studio. I’m not god with a camera but after 37yrs I may have a few tips and tricks to help you along!


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All events have timed one2one’s with our model(s) – get those unique shots!

For : photographers of all levels of skill and experience, beginners – we’ll help! Pro’s – have a day doing what you want to do!

WHAT WE OFFER YOU at Mick Payton Photography : We provide the tools for you to get your best images – easily! With fresh, new top models, locations in the area, bedroom sets etc. With free assistance on hand if you ask, otherwise we leave you to it! PLUS : free lunch on portfolio builders and workshops!


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Most photographers like to work alone, in private, so do I! Our emphasis at Mick Payton Photography Studios is on giving you maximum timed one2one shooting time! There are times when working with a couple of others for a few minutes can be inspirational and time-saving too, sparking off thoughts and ideas as well as being fun, then use your own ideas straight away, in private, on your timed one2one time, during the same event. Spend just a few minutes together deciding what your model will wear, then she doesn’t have to change for every person – saving a lot of time! It’s the basis of our very successful Portfolio Builder Days

Photographers and models : make sure that you agree image usage and tagging etc. between yourselves as this is not the responsibility of myself or the studio

 2 Model Portfolio Builder Days : 

With emphasis on lots of private one2one time with your models, this event is usually a 2 models for the price of 1 offer, working in 2 groups of 4 we swap models regularly, 10am-4pm with free lunch! Click this link for the full description :  more ….

Masterclasses and Workshops

With a variety of genre’s to cover inc. fashion, gels, art nude, editorial, weddings, boudoir etc. etc. there is ample scope for fun and learning! The difference between Workshops and Portfolio Builders : Workshops are instructed, Portfolio Builders are assisted – meaning I’m there if you need help, otherwise you do your own thing! more ……..

One2one tuition : Starter or Assisted 

The quickest way to learn! With one2one we proceed at your pace, we don’t have to wait for the slowest person – there’s no better way! Starter and Assisted rates read on …….

Click here to see about me and my portfolio of Art Nude, Portraits, Sports etc.,

A bit of a photographic trip through my time in photography on my own photography website, I must admit I’ve been extremely fortunate in my career.    Mick Payton

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Mick Payton Studios  starters guide to photography

Who am I? : I’ve been a pro photographer for some 30+ years and worked for most model agencies in the UK. All my time has been spent working with models, whether doing portfolio shoots or commercial bookings. This has given me an understanding of the needs, wants and problems with trying to make your portfolio the best you can, after all it’s where all my work came from!

Our aim : We’re building Mick Payton Studios around the idea of providing male and female photographers with the means to enjoy your camera, build your portfolio, try out commercial ideas etc. without the hassle of organising it yourself, whether amateur, semi-pro, hobbyist or pro.

Where are we? : Based in Walsall, West Midlands, we’re close to the M6 J7 and 9 which makes us easy to reach from most of the UK. Just 8 miles from Birmingham, all the top camera shops are a stone’s throw away too. We have a dedicated, purpose built studio, large gardens, proper bedrooms, dining room, corridors – even a bar! Add to this a huge number of local locations and you can see how versatile we can be!

We use The Flash Centre Birmingham! Sales : 0121 327 9220

Fine art photography is photography created in accordance with the vision of the artist as photographer. Fine art photography stands in contrast to representational photography, such as photojournalism, which provides a documentary visual account of specific subjects and events, literally re-presenting objective reality rather than the subjective intent of the photographer; and commercial photography, the primary focus of which is to advertise products or services. Wikipedia.

Definition of fine art: “a visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic and intellectual purposes and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness, specifically, painting, sculpture, drawing, watercolor, graphics, and architecture.”

Say what people want to hear, if they believe it, you have done a good job. But this doesn’t make you feel like you have achieved what you wanted to.

If there’s no-one you need to believe you – you’ve achieved your goal, you believe yourself.

Mick Payton Studios is an Aladdin’s Cave of knowledge and learning. Mick himself has many years of global photography experience which he shares with great passion and well earned conviction. It is always an amazing pleasure working at Micks Studio where one always comes away knowing far more then when you arrived.

Ivan Marsh reviewed Mick Payton Studios – 5 starPortfolio builder

I attended one of Mick's workshop today and have learned so much. His method of teaching is so addictive it leaves you wanting more and more . Every time I visit Mick's studio ,either on a workshop or a studio day, I came away with some of the most valuable knowledge I have learnt to date .

His model choices are always first class with posing attitude, friendliness and willingness to help you get the best images on the day. It's just an incredible atmosphere. The experience really is top knotch and there's not a single second your either not learning some new or creating beautiful images.

darkside said...

This was my second time at Mick's Studios and I was so thrilled with both Mick's informative style and the model whom we worked with @kiraharper. Mick's got a superb eye and it's personally amazing to see his mind at work, noticing things that others like myself would take ages to learn and master. Thanks Mick for a fun evening. I'll definitely be back again and again.

QuirkyBright said...

Third time I have got to work with both Mick and Karen for a Workshop. They always give me a lovely warm welcome! ( as it was easter Sunday I got treated to an easter egg which I enjoyed very much so thanks!)

Karen booked me for the workshop which worked really well.

The workshop sold out and everyone who turned up was lovely.

Everything ran really smoothly. I felt extremely well looked after and can't thank them enough for having me.

On the evening Mick gave some great guidance and assured all photographers would leave with great images! Which they did. I can't recommend this studio enough. Relaxed, easy going and fun!

I will be working with Mick and Karen again in June so please keep your eyes peeled!!

Thanks again guys see you soon!

Gracieuxlove said...

Another great workshop at Mick's yesterday.

Both Mick and his model (Cally) were supportive and I learned a lot about using off camera flash.

I look forward to other workshops and studio days.

David5 said...

My first time at Mick's studio tonight for his Wicked Wednesday.

The evening was both fun & informative, Micks model (Kira) was fabulous. Mick was on hand to offer both advise & encouragement to ensure that we all got the shots that we wanted.

I recommend Micks evenings & look forward to a workshop with hime in the future.

66phil66 said...

I've shot at Mick's place a few times now and have always come away with fantastic images. Mick has a great set up at his place and a great studio that I covet!!

His Wicked Wednesday evenings are always fun and the models are always top notch! His lovely assistant Karen is in hand to make sure the events go smoothly and Mick is always available to help with good advice on lighting and working well with models. I've seen loads of other togs learn a great deal from Mick during the shoots. And after there is more fun to be had at Mick's bar where he regales guests with war stories from his time as a top motorsports and fine art photographer over tea and biscuits.

Mick's gaff is the best studio in Walsall and he works with top models. I highly recommend trying out one of his events!

Ramzi said...

The first time I met Mick he said "turn the dial to manual" then on subsequent visits has helped me keep it there and begin to produce photographs I enjoy.

He's always there to offer advice and endless stories based on years of practical experience. Don't expect hi-tech, don't expect lots of lights, you don't need them. Listen to the tips and tricks, take a notepad and enjoy your camera, I do.

See you soon Mick, I need to learn how to use my speedlights.

BobM said...

It's difficult to know where to start. What you get with a Mick Payton workshop is a mixture of his experience, knowledge and skill combined with access to his excellent facilities. If you know Mick's work then you'll know a model he'd have booked for a workshop will be of the highest standards and then he gives you a steer (but not control) on how to best approach the scenario he presents. Thus an excellent learning and improving environment. I can say that under his guidance I have achieved some of the best pictures of the genre I have ever taken. I will return.

Iain Geddes said.......

I stayed with Mick and Sue last weekend. Mick was highly accommodating throughout the weekend, friendly and funny.

His studio is well equipped and a great size to work in, with plenty of heaters.

I loved his place to work in too with the natural light available. Everything was beautifully aesthetic, making each part of every room a great place to work in. Highly recommended by me and i look forward to coming up again.

Angel. said...

Evman52 said...
I had my 1st shoot at Mick Payton's studio and have to say it won't be my last. Mick is an absolute gent and made me feel welcome the second I walked through the door,mick is the type of guy
that makes you want to step up your game as a photographer. The studio has everything you need for either natural light photography and studio work, and Mick is at hand to help should you need it.
I just wish I lived nearer to Walsall as I would definately be taking advantage of the superb models he has on his Wednesday shoots and his 2 for 1 Sunday's.

Keep up the good work Mick and see you on the next shoot.

Evman52Coming back ...

" I've visited Mick's studio a few times, he is a great tutor, very knowledgeable, and consistently dazzles me with incredible models!"

NileshAmazing models!

Another great portfolio builder day at Mick's place - this time with the lovely Helen G. The reason I keep going back for more of these shoots is that they are always so well organised and there are lots of great options for shooting with both natural light and studio lighting. Mick is incredibly easy to work with and is always on hand to offer advice to make sure you come away with brilliant results. And then of course there is the legendary lunch - worth the admission fee on it's own! Highly recommended - thanks Mick builder