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You will have seen the subject and styles available for the event when you registered for it, please ask if you want something specific included and I’ll do my best to fit it in. When arranging a scene and lighting I’ll take a couple of successive images to show you how the lighting and model are looking, to ensure your understanding and satisfaction, then you can just get on with taking pictures as quickly as possible. You will always get timed one2one’s with our model(s)I may, if I think it necessary or if I’m asked, do a very quick demonstration to illustrate a point – my policy is to give you as much useful shooting time as I can, ensuring value for money and enjoyable shooting! During coffee breaks or lunch, I may take a couple of pictures for future advertising, this is in mine and the models own break time and does not detract from your time. I allow 3 full days for you to get one or two images to me by tagging me on Facebook, from the images I receive I’ll select some to showcase the event. This showcasing is an important part of our advertising and the success of such is what enables me to get the high standard of models at the price we charge for events. I would far sooner use your images than mine as it’s more representative of what was achieved on the event. By showcasing the images you have taken, it also gives you exposure to my 2,000+ friends and the 2,000 + members of the group page. If I don’t get any image tags by 3 days I’ll use one or two of my own as after 3 days it’s old news. I won’t post to social media until you’ve all had plenty of chance to post your images.

IMAGES : Your model(s) enjoy using your images from the event to promote themselves on social media etc., so it’s up to you to get your images to the model if you want her to use them – it’s not compulsory though. I prefer models to use images that you have taken as this represents the success of the event more accurately and shows other photographers what they can accomplish here. I have no control over who’s images the model chooses, I do encourage them to use yours as this is more beneficial to our advertising and reputation.

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