Boudoir Photography Workshops :

A 6hr Workshop in groups of 6 incl. lunch. Price : £85 per person.

Again a practically intensive workshop with lot’s of photography which will provide you with a library of reference images. Our model will help you to learn how to communicate and bring the best out of your client/subject. An art form in itself, Boudoir Photography is a fast growing style, especially for brides-to-be giving a wedding gift to their partner.
Aims and targets for this workshop are:

Boudoir Photography Workshopsfacilities of :

  • We will cover both natural and studio light utilising our indoor
  • Bedroom with natural light.
  • The bar area is also usable.
  • And of course the studio.
  • How to assist your subject to get gentle and beautiful images.
  • Aiming towards a more natural result, thus getting away from stiff and un-natural looking ‘poses’.
  • Communication with your client/subject is all-important to achieve a result which is pleasing and will lead to further business.
  • Wood finished dining room with various lighting.
  • Starting with the first meeting and leading you through the photoshoot, this is essential information for a successful result.

Provide yourself with a library of reference images to show to clients.

The term ‘boudoir’ originated in France and simply means ‘Ladies Bedroom’, meaning a large, generally two-roomed bedroom, the second room being a dressing room where the lady of the house would spend her ‘girly’ time. This gives rise to an image which is demure, quietly sexy but not overtly so, with delicate underwear and filmy nighties or dressing gowns, natural light being especially suited to this style. Recently it has been turned into a more commercial subject with use of a studio and studio lighting, unfortunately losing some of it’s appeal along the way to deliberate glamour styling and settings, which tends to take away it’s natural charm and atmosphere. These boudoir photography workshops will teach you how it’s done properly!

Mick Payton