Our most popular workshop by far!

 Take images that sell – without breaking the bank! Some photographers enjoy taking pictures, some enjoy spending time with equipment, there’s reasons for both – and a balance between the two!
more different lighting samples on My website here ……….

This workshop will cover :

  1. Studio lighting – learn how to light images that sell with just a couple of lights! My images have been selling through ObsessionArt of London for many years, add that to over 100 calendar titles and you’ve got a lot of sales! Sample of one of my calendars from Rose of Colchester
  2. Ambient Lighting – learn how to judge your lighting and direction, then add one reflector and maybe another! Control that lighting to get the best results!
  3. Speedlight Use – learn to add a speedlight and use fill-in flash to keep your images looking natural. Judge your own lighting ratios for the perfect balance!
  4. The Mystery of High Speed Sync – it’s not so difficult, we’ll teach you to use high speed sync to get images with that beautiful subtlety and out-of-focus backgrounds in bright light!
  5. Covering fashion/editorial/boudoir/art nude/glamour
  6. All this with minimum equipment costs!

Additional subjects :

  1. Framing and composure : the ‘rules’ and the best ways, composure plays an important part in how your images are viewed!
  2. Expose your images spot-on every time! We show you how!
  3. Working with your model, communication and getting the job done – bring out the best in your model!
You don’t need a dozen lights to do good pictures! Sometimes getting lost in lots of equipment can make your images suffer, let’s concentrate our efforts on the quality of the image – not the amount of equipment!

For this workshop we’ll be starting at 10am and finishing at 4pm, using 1 model and just 6 people – this will give a good balance of time for shooting our model/learning the techniques to everyone. This workshop is packed full of information so be prepared!

You will need : a camera that will allow high-speed-sync, a speedlight and an extension lead that allows full control of your speedlight, like this one Nikon Speedlight Extension and for Canon Speedlight Extension

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