I genuinely do my best to provide a quality experience on our events, I will continue to listen to feedback and alter event procedures to suit whenever it’s feasible.


The quickest way to increase your skills and experience : One2one & two2one Assisted Events

and then : Masterclass Workshops

Events for Photographers

Masterclass Workshops with timed one2ones (including those with an Avante-Garde makeup artist) :


These are 6 photographers and 1 model, all events are timed one2ones with your model (not group shoots!) to address image duplication! Starting at 10am and finishing at 4pm with 1 hour lunch – our provided lunches are legendary, read our recommendations!

Depending on the subject, we’ll use the studio – which is NOT a ‘home studio’ it’s a separate purpose-built building down the garden, it’s 40sq.mtrs and contains all the lighting and accessories you could wish for!  The garden is 100ft and populated with archways, trees, bushes and garden furniture local locations, my property where we have proper bedrooms, large dining room and various stairways and corridors to use, plus a real bar (not open to drinking alcohol)!   Link to facilities

After registration, approx 21 days before the event you’ll receive a PayPal request for a deposit, the balance is to be paid cash on the day.

Read about the day :

You will have seen the subject and styles available for the event when you registered for it, please ask if you want something specific included and I’ll do my best to fit it in. When arranging a scene and lighting I’ll ask one of you to take a couple of successive images to show you how the lighting and model are looking, to ensure your understanding and satisfaction, then you can just get on with taking pictures as quickly as possible. You will always get timed one2one’s with our model(s). If I’m asked, I’ll do a very quick demonstration to illustrate a point – my policy is to give you as much useful shooting time as I can, ensuring value for money and enjoyable shooting! During coffee breaks or lunch, I may take a couple of pictures for future advertising, this is in mine and the models own break time and does not detract from your time. If you put images on FaceBook, tag me and from the images I receive I’ll select some to showcase the event. This showcasing is an important part of our advertising and the success of such is what enables me to get the high standard of models at the price we charge for events. I use your images as it’s more representative of what was achieved on the event. By showcasing the images you have taken, it also gives you exposure to my 2,000+ friends and the 2,000 + members of the group page. I would also like to post some of your images to PurplePort, with your permission and crediting you as the photographer of course!

  • we provide timed one2one’s with our model to enable you to get personal images – which we realise is a very important factor, you don’t want identical images to everyone else on the workshop, you want your own!
  • Our Masterclass Workshops for Photographers cover a wide variety of subjects and techniques including re-touching
  • on workshops with an Avante-Garde makeup artist, our mua will arrive at lunchtime and start the makeup while we’re having our break, while they are finishing we’ll do some re-touching tuition too.
  • I don’t offer workshops in anything that I’m not fully conversant with
  • We all do better with hands-on experience and that’s what we concentrate on
  • suitable for all levels of experience
  • initial intro and demonstrations when requested – otherwise we just get on with it!
  • read about my experiencevisit my own website

IMAGES : Your model(s) enjoy using your images from the event to promote themselves on social media etc., so it’s up to you to get your images to the model if you want her to use them – it’s not compulsory though. I prefer models to use images that you have taken as this represents the success of the event more accurately and shows other photographers what they can accomplish here. I have no control over who’s images the model chooses, I do encourage them to use yours as this is more beneficial to our advertising and reputation.

Technical knowledge is important, but, does technical ability alone make you a good photographer? Or is there more to it? Atmospheric content is the overriding selling factor in any image, so practical guidance from someone who knows how to accomplish this, who is known for it and has been doing it for years, is by far the best way forward.

How many other courses do you see making this statement? Very, very few – if any! They will give you an impressive list of technical things that they teach and these lists are getting longer and longer, but it’s just expanded technical jargon, there is no way of teaching the x-factor effect unless you have that ability yourself and a proven track record in photography.

When I started photography I knew nothing and had no-one to ask – so I had to learn what I needed, when I needed it, quickly! Consequently, I find that I thought about the appeal or x-factor of the image before anything else – so the technicalities went on in the background. I did things this way because I had no choice, I was thrown in at the deep end read my bio – but I can help most people achieve this who have some natural ability!

There’s a list of workshops on the menu.

I’m not God with a camera and there are better photographers, however I have been a successful professional photographer for 36 years so I have some tips and tricks to offer, don’t take my word for it – look me up in Google for yourself. Now I’m enjoying myself assisting others to do what I do.

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