The quickest way to increase your skills and experience : One2one & two2one assisted events

The less expensive way : Masterclass Workshops

Then come along and practice what you’ve learned, with 2 models! : Portfolio Builders

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What are Portfolio Builder Days?

please read our T’s and C’s

A Portfolio Builder : 2 groups of 4 people and 2 models, swapping models and locations all day to practice your skills!

(Workshop : A constructed instructional event covering a specific subject(s) with 6 people and 1 model)

 Portfolio Builder Days are usually a Sunday, 2 models for 6 hours, limited to 4 people in a group, swapping models and locations all day, with allocated private timed one2one slots throughout the event, aiming to give you maximum shooting time, free lunch included! All are assisted when required – NOT group shoots where you’re left on your own! With fresh, new top models, locations in the area, bedroom set etc., providing the tools you need to take away tour best images! Working with many different genre’s for variety : fashion, beauty, art nude, editorial, boudoir, commercial, gels, studio etc….. 

Most photographers like to work alone, in private, so do I! There are times when working with a couple of others for a few minutes can be inspirational  and time-saving too, sparking off thoughts and ideas as well as being fun, then use your own ideas straight away, in private, on your timed one2one time, during the same event.

Limited to 4 people in a group, with allocated private timed one2one slots and changing models throughout the event, we aim to give you maximum shooting time with each model so they are not free-for-all events, you will get creative and come away with your own unique images by being involved with your models.

Starting at 10am, we’ll have a coffee break mid-morning to swap and let everyone catch up, then lunch is 1pm-2pm, anohter break mid-afternoon to swap and catch up again, finishing at 4pm when you can have a coffee, discuss your days shooting and show off some images!

For : any skill level as we’re on hand to help and advise where needed!

* please bear in mind that the model won’t have time to change clothes for individual needs, the group decides a common ‘look’

Working in 2 groups of 4 people we switch models regularly during the day to give maximum benefit of both girls. In your group of 4, ideally you would spend just a couple of minutes taking pictures as a group to familiarize yourself with your model and what she’s wearing – then take your timed one2one slots as and when you decide between yourselves, this give the best self-managed timing possible, giving you the opportunity to get your best images – FPI’s here we come!!!

Portfolio Builder Days are run on average once a month and include the best models, great facilities, lot’s of private one2one time and lunch included. Organised by my P.A. Karen Styles, they incorporate her ‘2 for 1’ offers, where you get 2 models for the price of one!

We’re on hand for help and advice – only if you ask – other than that, we let you just get on with taking pictures in your own time and space!

You can see our portfolio here PurplePort and if you scroll down to the ‘Albums’ section you can see our facilities.

Photographers :

Please read : we try hard to provide the service you require to enjoy your day/evening with us and as such we are open to suggestions and ideas to make improvements. With the varied experience and needs of the photographers who attend it’s very difficult to cater for everyone.

Consider the variations :

  • Photography – we can set up the lighting, backgrounds, reflectors etc. and you just take pictures, or do you want to do more yourself? That’s fine by us!
  • Re-touching – we choose our models for their ability to give you photo’s that are real and need very little re-touching. Either way, we can provide the tools to start you off.
  • Assistance – we leave you to get on with taking pictures unless you ask for assistance, of course, a lot of you are more than capable of doing it alone too!


Read about the day :

You will have seen the subject and styles available for the event when you registered for it, please ask if you want something specific included and I’ll do my best to fit it in. When arranging a scene and lighting I’ll take a couple of successive images to show you how the lighting and model are looking, to ensure your understanding and satisfaction, then you can just get on with taking pictures as quickly as possible. You will always get timed one2one’s with our model(s)I may, if I think it necessary or if I’m asked, do a very quick demonstration to illustrate a point – my policy is to give you as much useful shooting time as I can, ensuring value for money and enjoyable shooting! During coffee breaks or lunch, I may take a couple of pictures for future advertising, this is in mine and the models own break time and does not detract from your time. I allow 3 full days for you to get one or two images to me by tagging me on Facebook, from the images I receive I’ll select some to showcase the event. This showcasing is an important part of our advertising and the success of such is what enables me to get the high standard of models at the price we charge for events. I would far sooner use your images than mine as it’s more representative of what was achieved on the event. By showcasing the images you have taken, it also gives you exposure to my 2,000+ friends and the 2,000 + members of the group page. If I don’t get any image tags by 3 days I’ll use one or two of my own as after 3 days it’s old news. I won’t post to social media until you’ve all had plenty of chance to post your images.

IMAGES : Your model(s) enjoy using your images from the event to promote themselves on social media etc., so it’s up to you to get your images to the model if you want her to use them – it’s not compulsory though. I prefer models to use images that you have taken as this represents the success of the event more accurately and shows other photographers what they can accomplish here. I have no control over who’s images the model chooses, I do encourage them to use yours as this is more beneficial to our advertising and reputation.

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