Starter Photography Courses

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Starter Photography Courses comprises of a trio of courses including a professional model, with workshops in between – designed to allow you to progress at your own pace! For example, take the 1st course, then do a couple of workshops to apply what you’ve learned, then the 2nd starter coures etc…etc…

The 1st course is very intensive so be ready to work hard, at the end of the course you will be given – should you wish to progress – a program of tasks to do over the coming weeks, these are meant to supplement and solidify what you have just learnt. These courses have been perfected over many years to to give you the best opportunity to progress your skill level in a structured and organised way with back-up when needed!.

Starter photography courses – 4hrs one2one personal tuition with model. Price : £250.00

A four hour intensive 1st course for starters, aiming to
  • give you the basic skills necessary to produce usable photographs
    Starter Photography Courses West Midlands and Birmingham

    Starter Photography Courses

    from which you can :

  • expand your knowledge and portfolio.
  • ideal for people looking for a good basic grounding in using your camera
  • applicable to any photographic situation. Covers :
  • basic camera familiarity,
  • how to expose correctly using your camera on manual to :
  • allow complete artistic control, includes use of :
  • shutter speed, apertures, iso settings and
  • using your histogram,
  • use of reflectors and natural light, and :
  • achieving atmosphere and advice on camera’s and lenses.
  • how to communicate and direct your subject – who could be a model, a friend, or a client!
You will need to bring a digital slr and a notepad. This is a seat-of-the-pants course and hard work, it’s mainly camera in hand practical tuition.

After the starter photography courses you can then move on to the intermediate course involving subjects such as : wedding photography, art nude, model photography, studio photography, boudoir photography etc.

The next course in the trio is advanced.