Tuiton in the West Midlands

My main focus in photography is purity of images, no tricks, no crazy make-up, no props – just raw, down to earth images- I do diverse now and then though!

Consider these points with Mick Payton Photography Tuition in the West Midlands:

  • On these workshops I always use a capable model who can do it all Photography Tuition Birminghamherself so you can just take pictures, or you can take charge and direct your model. I don’t get in the way, I’m there when you need me though!
  • I’ve made mistakes and learnt from them, I’ve spent needless money and learnt from that. I’m still learning.
  • You can benefit from the knowledge I’ve gained.
  • I’ve been complimented numerous times on my ‘no-nonsense’ approach to tuition.
  • I get on with it, i’m passionate, I get excited and it’s contagious!
  • No frills, I offer constructive and accurate advice – not superior and embarrassing criticism.
  • My priority in teaching is the content and appeal of the images taken, it has to make a statement to be worth keeping.
  • I make a conscious effort to encourage and help you to develop your personal style, your vision of an image, as this is the foundation of successful photography.

Technical knowledge :

  • Technical knowledge is important, but, does technical ability alonemake you a good photographer? Or is there more to it?
  • You need to be proficient with your camera and lighting but images need that all-important X-factor to be successful.
  • Can you learn this from an online or video course, or do you need practical guidance from someone who knows how to accomplish this, who is known for it and has been doing it for years?
  • My best selling limited-edition prints are not technically correct, yet they have an X-factor that makes people buy them, this X-factor comes from your artists mentality, it can’t be taught – but it can be pointed out early and encouraged in it’s development!

Click this link to my representation ObsessionArt of London  Rose Calendars of Colchester House of Ilford

I’ve been there, done it and got the T-shirt, don’t take my word for it – look me up in Google for yourself. Now i’m enjoying myself teaching others what i do. Thanks for reading about Photographic Tuition West Midlands!

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