Wedding Photography Workshop :

A 6hr course in groups of 6 incl. lunch. Price : £85 per person

Wedding Photography Tuition

You will have our model in her beautiful wedding dress and me in my suit as the bride and groom to photograph, ensuring the authenticity of the wedding photography workshop and helping you to cope with the worst nightmare ever – exposing the wedding dress correctly! Be prepared for a pretty bride and an awkward groom to put you through your paces and give you the ability to deal with not-so-easy situations!

  • Initial preparation – meeting the couple
  • the bridal morning preparations
  • approaching the vicar/registrar
  • what you can and can’t do in churches/registrars
  • the arrivals
  • in the church – exposure and low light
  • exiting the church
  • organising and photographing the guests and wedding party
  • photographing the bride and groom – how to get the best from them
  • the reception and first dance
  • embracing the principles of the contemporary and very popular reportage style.

With the emphasis again on practical learning, this wedding photography workshop aims to give you the basic skills necessary to make a confident start with your wedding photography, with continuous photography throughout the course.
Wedding photography is one of the fastest growing genres and will tax your skills every time, you can’t afford to make mistakes on someone’s wedding day, so it’s a good move to attend a basic course to prepare you for the event!

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