Enjoy Your Camera with Mick Payton Studios!

one2one :

At Mick Payton Studios our sessions are generally limited to 4 people in a group with allocated private one2one slots throughout the event, aiming to give you maximum shooting time!

Look at how we arrange your day :

  • you meet your model in a group of 4 and decide what you want her to wear – then :
  • you get allocated one2one times to shoot your exclusive ideas in private, on your own!
  • you can control the length of the one2one’s yourselves – have as long as you want – each!
  • by deciding a theme between you there’s no lost time while she changes for every person
  • 4 people can work together if you all decide to.
  • you can discuss ideas and techniques and pick up tips and tricks and get inspiration
  • i’m always here ready to help and advise, change lighting etc., – only if you ask, otherwise I keep out of your way – it’s your event!
  • much better value and much more fun than any other way!
  • shoot for a few minutes as a group of 4, then when everyone is ready, do a round or 2 of one2one – or even 3! It’s up to you guys.
  • with 2 or more models on a Sunday Studio day, imagine how much time you get with 2 different models – it’s a bargain!

When booking to shoot a model there are a baffling variety of different photography event formats available, here we have a look at the most popular ones :

Group shoots :

where there are anywhere up to 10 people in a group, sharing the model for usually 4-6 hours. There are a few immediate problems with this method

  • how do you work this out in a studio situation with the space?
  • what about flash triggers? Someone has to wait a long time!
  • whose ideas do you use – this normally ends in dis-agreements.
  • what angle do you shoot from? There’ll already be people pushing for the best spot.
  • even on location (weather permitting) there are similar problems

Studio slot bookings :

usually booked in 1 hour slots, this way has it’s inherent problems too

  • you normally can’t move the lighting or change the scene
  • very little opportunity for the model to change clothes
  • who offers you assistance if you need it?
  • what if you want to learn – who helps you there?
  • it’s very expensive, typically £55.00/hour

We do 3 hour evening events and 4 and 6 hour weekend events, hiring 1, 2 or even 3 models per event, specifically the most popular models. We will also give aspiring models a chance with specifically designed photography events.

Allows people at all different levels of competence to enjoy their camera and build strong portfolios! From new starters to full-time pro’s – we all need to build our image libraries under the best conditions.

Organised by someone with over 30 years experience shooting models for commercial contracts, their own portfolios and for Model Agency use. We listen and do our best to help you to realise your own ideas too.

Mick Payton – Studio Owner

Karen Styles – PA and bookings

Daniel Cole – Location Organiser