1/ NUDE WORK IS NOT COMPULSORY! So please don’t send us replies saying you don’t do nude – as stated in our initial contact we’re not asking you to – unless it’s your choice of work.

2/ We’ve been doing this a long, long time, probably longer than you’ve been alive – so please don’t dictate to us or try to be clever – it won’t work, we won’t use you, we do know what we’re doing thanks.

3/ I have, and intend to keep, a long standing reputation for treating models fairly and with great respect – read our recommendations on PurplePort – if you can’t treat me the same way, don’t apply – if you can, you’ll be made welcome, get treated very well, be well paid, feel very comfortable here and above all have fun as part of our experienced team!

Before you read on, ask yourself this question : If we hire you, what happens when the day comes, you’re in front of a group of our photographers – and you aren’t any good? What do I do then? Pay you and refund everyone’s money? – Or should I make sure you can do the job before we hire you?

Mick Payton Studio’s are looking for models to join their ever expanding data base. If you would like to be considered to work on one of our studio days or workshops we would like to hear from you, please also send us a recent un-retouched headshot with no make-up. This avoids any of us wasting each others time.

We are particularly looking for models just starting out, with little experience, and those who have been going a short time who are looking for good, comfortable paid work. We can help where needed but don’t ask us to pay you when we’re helping you, that’s taking the micky a bit.

Wherever practical we’ll ask you to attend a casting, which is in effect a job interview and is not paid (so don’t ask), this is to ensure that you meet our high standards (before we put you in front of a class of our members and find that you can’t do the job) and to get images for us to use for advertising you on the appropriate event – we avoid using other photographers images wherever possible.

You will not be asked to do nude on the casting, or any level that you are comfortable with at any time. If you’re not local enough to attend a casting then we will assess your suitability as best we can from your portfolio, a couple of un-retouched selfies with light make-up only and a short telephone conversation. The successful candidates will be offered several bookings at our studios, punctuality and communication skills are essential. We may ask you to attend a 1hr casting photography hour where practical. (distance/time dependant)

Requirements :

  1. Well proportioned size 8-12 figure
  2. Available to work on a Sunday or a Wednesday evening
  3. Any colour or length hair With or without tattoos
  4. Any size bust
  5. Height – any as long as figure is in proportion to height
  6. Who work at either of these levels A. Lingerie and Boudoir B. Art Nude  Please State

If you would like to meet us please message me  with  the following :

  1. Name Work Level as above
  2. Fees for 6hrs which will  inc lunch on a Sunday – we don’t change our times to suit you so don’t ask.
  3. Travelling fee (if any)
  4. Fees for a Wednesday evening 3hrs – 7pm till 10pm
  5. An un-retouched head shot with no make up.

NOTE  the 1hr casting  will not be paid (it’s a job interview) however any future bookings are all fully paid inc any reasonable travel expenses. Images from the casting will only be used to advertise the appropriate event and will be available for yourself to use. Those who attend a casting will get priority.

Apply here : Please consider me for modelling work

Model Bookings Terms and Conditions :

  1. If we cancel your booking within 7 days – half the booking cost without travel expenses.
  2. If we cancel your booking within 3 days – the full booking cost without travel expenses.
  3. Models are expected to make efforts to advertise the event i.e. PurplePort link, FaceBook etc.
  4. We will advertise the event well in advance, if sales are poor we will cancel the event in good time to enable you to re-book the time somewhere else, so it’s up to you to help sell the event to your fans/followers etc.
  5. Reasonable communications are expected for which we’ll need your mobile number – we do not pass your number to anyone!


Kind Regards,

Karen Styles – PA and photographer at Mick Payton Studios