Here are links to various aspects of what I’ve been up to in photography for the last 37+ years, including image sales :

My main focus in photography is purity of images, no tricks, no crazy make-up, no props – just raw, down to earth images- I do diverse now and then though!

ObsessionArt of London : My personal representation for print sales ecommerce website dedicated to Black and White Artistic Nude, covering ranges from my early images right up to now, with images you will have seen on many World Wide Calendars such as the long running, award winning Natural Contrasts

Christian Cirriano : Recognised Internationally by Interior Designers by the trademark Cirriano! signature, my alter-ego allowing me to extend my range of styles to contemporary Fine Art surreal images, go and have a look if you want something really different!

Mick Payton Photography : A record of most of the genre’s I’ve been lucky enough to photograph through my career, including : Live rock bands such as Diamond Head, Megadeth and others, Pro Golf with all the stars from a few years ago and some you’ll recognise as being current leaders, British SuperBikes – one of my favourites of all time – with special thanks to Simon Andrews #17 who sadly lost his life while racing a short time ago. Formula 1 from years ago in the Schumacher/Mansell/Alesi era – great fun! A mixture of a few entries from Rome, Venice and Paris, and last but not least, a short spell with Pro-surfers.

You can read my Biography here and see a brief list of some of my achievements.

Represented by ObsessionArt of London

You can type my name in Google to see all about me from other peoples viewpoints too.

My Art Nude website

My general website

Hope you enjoy these websites and they give you the encouragement to come and shoot on my workshops and courses!

Best wishes,

Mick Payton