Studio and Location Photography Tuition

Technical knowledge is important, but, does technical ability alone make you a good photographer? Or is there more to it? I would sooner hear “That picture has great expression and atmosphere” than “that picture is technically good”, wouldn’t you? Can you learn this from an online or video course, or do you need practical guidance from someone who knows how to accomplish this, who is known for it and has been doing it for years? My best selling limited-edition prints are not technically correct, but they have an x-factor that makes people buy them, in fact, if i tried re-taking them making them better technically – it wouldn’t work!

My thoughts on how to teach appear to be somewhat different to most others, when i started photography i knew nothing and had no-one to ask – so i had to learn what i needed, when i needed it. Consequently, i find that i think about the appeal or x-factor of the image before the technicalities – and if the technicalites are not quite right i still take the image, this way i don’t let books and calculations get in the way! I learnt this way by pure chance – but i can teach it to most people who have some natural ability!

How many other courses do you see making this statement? Very, very few – if any! They will give you an impressive list of technical things that they teach and these lists are getting longer and longer, but it’s just expanded technical jargon, there is no way of teaching the x-factor effect unless you have that ability yourself and a proven track record in photography. Click this link to my representation to see mine : ObsessionArt of London

I’ve been there, done it and got the T-shirt, don’t take my word for it – look me up in Google for yourself. Now i’m enjoying myself teaching others what i do.