Portfolio Photography Workshop :

A 6hr Workshop in groups of 6 incl. lunch. Price : £85 per person

Model portfolio photography is something that a lot of new photographers aspire to simply because the resulting images have a good chance have being strong and powerful. But, there is more to it that would first appear! The photographer has to have a sound knowledge of model agencies, modelling, models and their needs. A model portfolio is more demanding shoot than you may think – it is not just a collection of shots, it is a purposefully constructed set of images meant to represent the model in very specific ways, with virtually no retouching, to get her/him work. This course will teach you :

  • the basics of these needs covering :
  • where a particular model should be placed for work
  • discussing the prospects with the model
  • putting together a shooting plan
  • what clothes to bring
  • do you need a makeup artist
  • studio or natural light
  • how many images
  • how much re-touching
  • putting together a portfolio correctly
  • what to charge.

This course will include both studio and location work (weather permitting) and applies whether you are shooting a professional model or an amateur model – the same principles apply!