Take Control

A 6hr workshop in a group of 6, lunch provided, price : £85.00

10am-4pm Sunday 6th December with :

Kira Harper!

I understand how difficult it can be to communicate, direct and be creative with your subject/model –  a lot of you have said you’d like help with this as it’s what holds you back. Your images suffer because no amount of technical skill can replace the all important atmosphere that the best images have. It’s a hard subject and demands a hard approach so this course is not easy, but if we approach this in fun way it will be a lot easier for all. In the clinical atmosphere of most venues you’ll struggle to communicate comfortably, especially as your model doesn’t know you you at all. In our studio, where we operate on a more personal and friendly level, you won’t have that problem, our models understand that you’re a decent person and not looking to be ‘un-toward,’ so you don’t get any cold-shouldering derisive responses. Take advantage of my 35 years experience working with models on this course which will cover :

  • a short instructional refresher on studio lighting and photography.
  • a frank and honest talk with our model to make friends with her, get to know her better
  • help you to see things from her viewpoint
  • a demonstration (when required) on how to communicate your needs to her easily
  • how to establish guide lines
  • IMPORTANT – how to instruct your model on how to respond to mis-understandings
  • photography in a tasteful and style with atmosphere
  • one2one’s to put it into practice on your own
  • work on your ability to talk to your model, during which she will help you further in communication.
  • a demonstration (when required) on how i do my lighting and communicate with my model.
  • moving then into artistic imaging using lingerie – shot for black and white use
  • concentrating on shape and shadows with the ultimate goal being beauty and atmosphere.

Addressing the most difficult part of photography, which is communication with your model to achieve the best possible outcome from your shoot, the workshop will be 95% camera in hand where we’ll be looking at ways to improve your working relationship with your model and improving the atmosphere in your images. As usual the workshop is arranged to give you maximum shooting time with just 6 people in attendance!


Aiming to kick-start your communication skills and give you the right to intellectually own your images by virtue of your input. This will be a busy course with lots of photography for you to get usable images! So, multiple subjects on one course which follow a natural flow.

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Mick Payton